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Creative Services

Creating content in a digital world is high priority for your business. Here with Media Force Events, we create tailored photography and videography collections that best fit your brand and business. 

We dive deep in our consultation process, and find out what you need and how we can help you. 

Influencers Collection

Your aesthetic is everything, you already know that, so let's get to work.

Fashion Collection

Beautifully captured and curated photography, and fun and exciting video for the reels.

Private Events Collection

Red carpets events, Bachelorette parties, Private events, capturing and creating cinematic memories.

Runway Collection

Live coverage or behind the scenes capturing the event from every angle.

Active Sports Collection

Between our cameras and drones we'll be hot on your tail snapping those exciting shots. Ready for take off?

Real Estate Collection

Creating images that make your listing pop!



 Social Co

Serendipity Social Co helps brands of all sizes strategize their B2C outreach to prioritize and capitalize  on consumer engagement.

Together, Media Force Events & Serendipity Social Co collaborate to capture local events through photo and video as well as create social media video content. Serendipity Social Co is the official social media outreach team for MFE!

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